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Keith’s Foods


Keith's was established in 1976 as a frozen food manufacturer, specialising in crumbed and other "value added" products. Servicing the foodservice industry for more than 40 years by distributing to wholesale food suppliers nationwide, Keith's has built a reputation for excellent quality crumbed and freshly battered products. With this in mind, a range of retail products was developed and launched nationally in 2013.
Fun Fast Food


If you are a food outlet, looking for great quality “value added” food products to add to your menu, please click on our Food Service section under our Available At and complete the form to find your nearest Food Service Distributor.

Easy & Convenient


Keith’s excellent quality Mini Dagwood Dogs, Beef Croquettes and Mozzarella Sticks are now available in selected retail outlets. Please click on our Retail section under our Available At and complete the form to find your nearest retail outlet.

Hot & Ready to Eat


Keith’s excellent quality food products are available all over Australia, whether you’re a food outlet or just wanting some of our great products for home, please click on our Available At and complete the form to find your nearest Distributor or Retail outlet.

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